Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

I have just finished watching a segment of Air Farce

Thank God for the CBC.
The lighthouse,
The beacon home.

I remember when I attended a taping of Air Farce,
I had known back before then that I was part of a great nation.
It just never dawned on me what I had bought into,
And it never really occured to me that I would recognize its grandure at the CBC.

I am away from Canada now,
I have a job.
I miss Tim Horton's
I miss News Hour
I miss teh Monday Report
I even suspect I miss looking for a job.

Lets have one thing clear, my fair mistress
I never wanted to leave you
Even when your sons cast me away.

I miss Montreal
Confused French and all
I wonder how much Quebequois I would remember
When am done working here!

I miss De Maisonneuve
I miss Stanley
I miss Peel and I miss Bradley

I miss the 401
and I miss the 417
I miss how it feels to feel.

Try it...